VIP Taxi Transfer

VIP Taxi Transfer

VIP Taxi is one of our prestigious services that will make you go to your preferred location at the right time. You can decide on which time you will be picked up from your location and which route the driver will be following. Our taxi cars are specifically prepared to be luxurious and comfortable. 

Vıport Taxi belongs to the Vıport Transfer corporation, which has 15 years of experience in the field. Our licensed drivers, who also have a friendly working ethic, will pick you up from the location you stated and bring you to your destination at any time of the day, in the safest way possible. 

VIP car renting, is one of the most popular transportation services of the last year. Qualified and specialised cars are used to make work voyages, holidays, single-day trips or hosting guests easier. You may access our VIP taxi transfer services at a way cheaper price than you would expect.

City tours and VIP airport pickups are a part of our VIP taxi renting service. You can use the panel of our official website to make a reservation without time and location limits. You can also make reservations on your mobile phones and tablets.

Taxi Service Suitable for Covid-19 Health and Travelling Precautions

We prioritize your health by cleaning our cars regularly on daily, weekly and monthly schedules. The smaller needs such as masks and mini disinfectants are packed and placed in the private sections of our cars. There are glass divisions between the passengers and the driver.

Our corporation has official papers that are given by the Ministry of Health.

Choose Your Own Route with VIP Taxi

While driving with our VIP taxi services, you can go to your destination from the path you decide. Our cars are being tracked by our centre and live traffic information is regularly given to our drivers. If you did not choose a route for your drive, you can pick one of the routes that our corporation offers you.

Comfortable and Smart Cars

The cars we use for our VIP Taxi service are VIP Mercedes Vıto models. Many technologic features such as televisions, Wi-Fi, digital televisions and gaming platforms will be at your service.

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