Private Vehicle Bus

With its spacious interior and high capacity, it is an excellent choice for comfortably transporting large groups. This private bus, meticulously designed in every detail, offers comfort beyond conventional mass transportation.

svg 45 Luggage
svg 45 People

Terms of Service


After selecting this vehicle, child protection devices and other auxiliary equipment are available.

A baby seat can be provided for an additional fee.

Baggage allowance:

1 medium-sized suitcase and 1 small item per passenger seat (you can bring a laptop, camera bag, or small shoulder bag).

Vehicle Features

The vehicle may differ from the one shown in the visual.


Depending on the occupancy, this vehicle can be upgraded to a higher capacity or a higher class vehicle free of charge.

+ Beverage Service In-car beverage service allows passengers to relax and enjoy a pleasurable travel experience.
+ Comfortable Seats Leather-upholstered seats elevate your travels, making them more luxurious and comfortable.
+ Extra Spacious Luggage Compartment Provides ample luggage space for the comfortable transport of necessary items during travel.
+ Free Wi-Fi Complimentary Wi-Fi access inside the vehicle keeps passengers connected.
+ Safety Features Advanced safety features ensure the well-being of both the driver and passengers throughout their journeys.

Important Information

There are certain rules in place to ensure the security of both customers and the business, as well as to maintain service quality.

  • Smoking is prohibited.

  • Pets are allowed only if they are in a cage.

  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited.

  • The vehicle should only be used for specified services.

  • The vehicle should be used in a clean and orderly manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transport my pet in the vehicle?

Yes, you can transport your pet as long as it is in a cage.

Do your vehicles have baby seats for infants?

Yes, we can add a baby seat to our vehicles for an additional fee when requested.

Can you pick up from any address at any time?

We pick you up at the requested time and from the address you specify.

Do you provide welcome services at the airport?

Yes, we have a welcome team available 24/7 at airports.

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